Centre for Himalayan Studies
UPR 299
Research Axes
> Politics, conflicts and justice
> Belonging, territories and changes
> History, knowledge and heritage
> Research on borderlands


- Political transformations in Nepal - Gérard TOFFIN
- Religious movements and Hindu sects in Nepal - Gérard TOFFIN, Chiara LETIZIA
- Hindu nationalism, forms of resistance, local mediations. Cultural entrenchment of a radical political movement - Daniela BERTI
- Anthropology of justice. Role, interactions and judiciary procedures in India - Daniela BERTI
- Justice and Governance in India and South Asia - ANR Project coordinated by Daniela Berti and Gilles Tarabout


- Economic, social and cultural transformations in the Valley of Kathmandu - Gérard TOFFIN
- Natural resource management, territories and governance in the Nepalese Tarai - Olivia AUBRIOT
- Mobility and territories of the Nepalese - Tristan BRUSLE
- Territories, identity and belonging: the "Shepherds of Kharnak" (Eastern Ladakh) - Pascale DOLLFUS
- Territorial restructurings, mobility of populations and social reorganisation in the Himalayas - Joëlle SMADJA
- The politics of belonging in the Himalayas - Gérard TOFFIN
- Tantric Buddhism and society in Amdo: vicissitudes of a great Tibetan tradition - Nicolas SIHLE
- Anthropology of Buddhism: assessing the state of the field and developing a comparative approach - Nicolas SIHLE


- Epic poems in Nepal - ANR Project
- Men at the service of the gods: religion and its actors in the Pin Valley (Spiti) - Pascale DOLLFUS
- Oral literature in Spiti: the Buchen, wandering actors and tellers of edifying stories - Pascale DOLLFUS
- History, representations and the practice of Tibetan medicine- Fernand MEYER
- Collectors and collections - Pascale DOLLFUS


 Anthropology and geography of North-East India: the Assamese borderlands

- Borderland tribes - Philippe RAMIREZ
- Mobility of land and men - Joëlle SMADJA
- Languages, cultures and territories in North-East India - ANR Project

Sino-Tibetan borderlands

- Territory, communities and exchanges on the Sino-Tibetan Kham borderlands - Coordinated by Stéphane GROS

Tibetan borderlands

- Rituals of power and violence: tantric Buddhism in a community of the Tibetan Himalayas - Nicolas SIHLE