Centre for Himalayan Studies
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Our research unit's documentation centre covers the Himalayas (Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim and the North Indian States); it includes 15,000 books, theses, reports, off-prints, 1,300 maps and 800 periodicals on numerous disciplines: mainly human sciences (anthropology, geography, history, economics, politics, languages, arts ...) but also life sciences and geology. All documents received are catalogued and indexed, periodicals and collective works are examined. The library is computerised and at present more than 45,000 references can be consulted.

 On-line catalogues

Access to the complete database including all sorts of documents (books, theses, reports, periodicals and different categories of grey literature, off-prints, maps) as well as perusal of articles from periodicals and collective works.

The printed list was previously reserved for correspondents who had regular exchanges with the centre (dispatch of off-prints or publications). It is now on a free access basis. It includes documents acquired or received, so please continue to send us your publications so that they can figure in the database.

Abstracts of reviews covering the Himalayas


Abstracts of reviews covering the Himalayas available on line:


Abstracts of reviews not accessible but received at the CNRS may be consulted:


Ancient Nepal  
Tibet Journal 


Printed publications

Every year the CNRS publishes its Acquisition List . It is available on request. Please contact us.