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UPR 299
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PhD student in anthropology


UPR 299 Centre d'Etudes Himalayennes, CNRS
7 rue Guy Môquet
94800 Villejuif CEDEX

E-mail: bbtadie@yahoo.fr


Barbara Berardi Tardie is preparing a thesis on "Urban development and social dynamics in Nepal: anthropological research about the town of Pokhara". This work aims at covering the urbanisation phenomenon in contemporary Nepal, by combining approaches in social anthropology and development studies. This more specifically involves laying bare the stakes involved in socio-economic, religious and political relations associated with the emergence of an urban area in the western region of Nepal, the town of Pokhara (Kaski district).

What are the factors which, today in Nepal, determine the "birth" of a town? How and to what extent is the urbanisation phenomenon linked to the social dynamics that mark this country at the present time? Based on these questions, research will focus on the following themes:

1) the dynamics of migratory flow; 2) transformation of the relation to territory; 3) social relations in the urban environment; 4) social make-up of urban space; 5) emergence of the building of an urban identity; 6) urban economies, rural economy; 7) religious spaces; 8) town politics and administration; 9) Maoists and the town.

Key words: urban development, urban anthropology, migratory dynamics, social change, ethnic revival, religious pluralism, Maoist guerrilla

Fieldwork: Pokhara, Nepal.