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Gérard Toffin (éd.)

Gérard Toffin (éd.)

Man and his house in the Himalayas. Ecology of Nepal. Kathmandu, Vajra Publications, 2016.

Deuxième édition de la version anglaise, avec une nouvelle introduction.

"This book was first published in French in 1981 by CNRS, National Centre for Scientific Research (France), under the title L’ Homme et la Maison en Himalaya. Man and his house in the Himalayas particularly highlights the symbolic dimensions of the house in this region of Asia. Beyond their physical contours, the dwelling and settlements of the Himalayan range embody a number of social and religious implicit meanings. They reverberate ideas and representations about the cosmos, the relations of power within family or village, the opposition between the sacred and the profane, as well as the dichotomy between sexes. In the major languages spoken in Nepal, for instance, house terms convey interesting parallels with the human body. Several examples are given in the book. These parallels are not mere coincidences. They transform dwellings in meaningful spaces for their inhabitants. Through these complex processes of symbolization, the materiality of constructions is transfigured. The house is metamorphosed in a symbolic space, a matrix of ideologies rituals and mental images, which must be explored thoroughly."

(Vajra Books)