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The LACITO in a nutshell


logo« Langues et civilisations à tradition orale »
a research unit of French CNRS


cartelanguesSince 1976, LACITO has been exploring the diversity of languages and civilizations with an oral tradition. This diversity, studied by means of immersion fieldwork within speaker communities, is described and modelled by analyzing the historical, geographical and social factors that shape it. Our research centre's mission is a matter of urgency, due to the erosion of the diversity of languages and cultures –parallel to the loss of biodiversity. Faced with this challenge, LACITO, in collaboration with various partners (including two neighbouring laboratories, LLACAN and SEDYL), is exploring the possibilities opened up by new technologies. The Pangloss Collection brings together corpora in more than 150 languages, freely accessible to all audiences.
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Diversité des langues et changement historique [Language diversity and historical change] - Langues océaniennes [Oceanic languages] - Langues tibéto-birmanes [Tibeto-Burman languages] - Linguistique historique et comparatisme austronésien [Historical linguistics and Oceanic comparative studies] - Typologie et dialogue : la structuration informationnelle des questions et des réponses - Typologie et diversité des langues [Typology and language diversity] aa See more


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Hot from the press


The Routledge Handbook of Language Contact nouveau
Evangelia Adamou & Yaron Matras (eds)

This handbook is an essential reference for anyone with an interest in language contact in particular regions of the world, including Anatolia, Eastern Polynesia, the Balkans, Asia, Melanesia, North America, and West Africa.etcSee more


Façonner la parole en Afrique de l'Ouest nouveau
Cécile Leguy

Se dépayser dans une autre culture bien loin de la sienne, découvrir de façon vivante de nouveaux modes de communication et de sociabilité, tout cela sans voyager ? C'est le pari proposé au lecteur par la collection « Entendre la voix des autres », […] etcSee more in French


"Geneviève Calame-Griaule", n° 83 des Cahiers de littérature orale
Nicole Belmont & Cécile Leguy (dir.)

Ce numéro fait suite à un colloque organisé en hommage à Geneviève Calame-Griaule. Chercheur de terrain, ayant travaillé dans un premier temps chez les Dogon à la suite de son père, puis auprès des Isawaghen du Niger, Geneviève Calame-Griaule a également beaucoup apporté à l'anthropologie française d'un point de vue théorique, en […]etc See more in French


Problematizing Language Regimes
Langage & Communication, an Interdisciplinary Journal, vol. 66
James Costa & Janet E. Connor (eds)

Through several empirical studies, this special issue seeks to question the theoretical relevance of the notion of regimes of language, or linguistic regimes, a notion widely used in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology but rarely problematized. […] etcSee more


Creating Standards. Interactions with Arabic script in 12 manuscript cultures
Dmitry Bondarev, Alessandro Gori, & Lameen Souag (eds)

Manuscript cultures based on Arabic script feature various tendencies in standardisation of orthography, script types and layout. Unlike previous studies, this book steps outside disciplinary and regional boundaries and provides a typological cross-cultural comparison of standardisation processes in twelve Arabic-influenced writing traditions […] etcSee more


Encyclopédie des Pygmées Aka - III. Lexique alphabétique français-aka
J. M.C. Thomas, S. Bahuchet, A. Epelboin et S. Fürniss (eds) [daté 2018 et paru en 2019]

Ce dernier volume est à la fois l'aboutissement et le point d'entrée dans l'Encyclopédie : aboutissement car après […], le lexique est le dernier volume qui vient clore, après 37 ans, cette entreprise monumentale de près de 5000 pages et 7456 entrées.etc See more


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jmctDu terrain au cognitif – Linguistique, ethnolinguistique, ethnosciences –
À Jacqueline M.C. Thomas
[From fieldwork to cognition – Linguistics, ethnolinguistics, ethnosciences –
For Jacqueline M.C. Thomas
(editors) E. Motte-Florac & G. Guarisma

French presentation translated into English:
[Jacqueline M.C. Thomas, ethnolinguist and founder of the LACITO, has untiringly worked to establish the importance of not separating a language from the community speaking it. "Linguistic studies are meaningless unless they are based on very sound knowledge of the culture in which the languages are spoken". She further insists that "to study a society means to perfectly master the language(s) it speaks".
Based on examples garnered from across the globe, this Festschrift testifies to the multiplicity of ways in which the complexities of language and discourse can be broached […] ]
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expositions40 photos for Lacito's 40th birthday
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expositions10 exhibits recommended by the Lacito which retrace...
...30 years of fieldwork devoted to the study of languages and the peoples who speak them. aa See more

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