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Coopération Bilatérale Arménie
Séminaire de clôture
5 décembre 2015
INALCO - S 3.15 -10h00-13h00

10h-11h00 Keynote Lecture :

Levon H. Abrahamian, Head of the Department of Contemporary Anthropological Studies, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, National Academy of Sciences, Armenia 

Language and Construction of Identity

11h-12h00: Migrant Groups in Armenia (1940-2012): Parameters of Complex Identities, results and perspectives (Discutant : Anouche Kunth, researcher, CNRS, Migrinter)

Gayane Shagoyan (Académie des Sciences d’Arménie), Victoria Khurshudyan (SeDyL CNRS-Inalco-IRD):  Migrant groups from Azerbaïdjan

Arsen Hakobyan  (Académie des Sciences d’Arménie), Anaïd Donabédian (SeDyL CNRS-Inalco-IRD) : Migrant groups from Syria

Satenik Mkrtchyan  (Académie des Sciences d’Arménie), Tork Dalalyan (SeDyL CNRS-Inalco-IRD) : Migrant groups from Iran

12:00 Summary and discussion : Gayane Shagoyan,  Anaïd Donabedian (project leaders): Interdisciplinary fieldwork and corpus annotation, concepts to think about identity issues in Armenia, migration and integration, mobility and trajectoires (limits and perspectives of the two-years project results).