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Expression des comparaisons d'égalité et de similitude - Fédération TUL
Responsables Y. Treis et C.Chamoreau
Villejuif - Bât.D - Salle de Conf. - 16h00-18h00

Jussi Ylikoski, UiT the Artic University of Norway: Similarity, equality and the like in North Saami

The presentation will discuss various linguistic expressions of similarity, equality and certain related meanings in North Saami, the most widely spoken language of the Saami branch of the Uralic language family. As with many other aspects of the grammar, the expressions of similarity and equality in North Saami make the language appear morphosyntactically quite close to the language type known as Standard Average European (SAE), in a way belonging to the same northern periphery of the SAE area as the related Finnic languages such as Finnish and Estonian. The North Saami equative constructions are largely in line with the Scandinavian and Finnic data discussed by Haspelmath & Buchholz (1998: 293–295).
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