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Séminaire doctoral - Pratiques langagières - terrains, méthodes, théories
Animé par I. Léglise et V. Muni Toke
Villejuif - Bât.D - S.511 - 14h00-18h00

Alexandra Jaffe, California State University, Long Beach
Standardization(s) and regimentation: What does a plural standard enable and constrain?

This presentation explores the linguistic practices and social entailments of polynomie, an explicitly anti-monologlot ideology of language and plural standardization regime on the island of Corsica. Like all forms of standardization, polynomie is a social, cultural and political project that was conceived of in a particular historical, sociolinguistic, ideological and political context. Over three decades later, that context has undergone a number of transformations that have had implications for how polynomie is reflected in institutional practice and its implications for how speakers and writers of different kinds are positioned as legitimate, authoritative or authentic. In this presentation, I will both trace that history and provide examples from contemporary practice, reiterating a point that I have made in a number of ways in a variety of publications: that all standardization regimes both enable and constrain, and that even a plural, inclusive regime of language like polynomie regiments and ranks ways of speaking, writing and being.