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Séminaire doctoral - Pratiques langagières - terrains, méthodes, théories
Animé par I. Léglise et V. Muni Toke
Villejuif - Bât.D - S.511 - 14h00-18h00

Adrian Blackledge (University of Birmingham, UK)
Language and Superdiversity in Two City Meeting-Places

This paper presents emergent outcomes of a study which investigates how people communicate when they bring different histories, biographies, and trajectories to interaction in contexts of superdiversity.  The study is a linguistic ethnography of city neighbourhoods, focusing on a small number of key participants. Taking Goffman as a starting point for analysis the presentation considers how interactions in ‘the slop of social life’ serve to connect and disconnect people. Analysis relates to conditions of migration, multilingualism and multiculturalism in contemporary cities.