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Atelier Doculang Linguistique de terrain et documentation
Responsables K. Haude & D. Costaouec
Villejuif - Bât.D - S.511 - 11h00-13h00

Frank Seifart (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Fieldwork and data collection on Bora and Resígaro (Northwest Amazon)

In this talk I will speak about the documentation of linguistic and cultural knowledge and practices of the Bora and Resígaro people for a comprehensive language documentation project (Seifart et al. 2009). I will focus on two aspects: (i) An effort to systematically sample communicative events with the aim of achieving representativeness of the documentation as a whole (Seifart 2008); and (ii) specific methods and procedures for different data types, including ceremonial festivals, staged events like fishing accompanied by good spells, and the elicitation of names for botanical and zoological species.
Seifart, Frank. 2008. On the representativeness of language documentations. Language Documentation and Description 5. 60–76.
Seifart, Frank, Doris Fagua, Jürg Gasché & Juan Alvaro Echeverri (eds.). 2009. A multimedia documentation of the languages of the People of the Center. Online publication of transcribed and translated Bora, Ocaina, Nonuya, Resígaro, and Witoto audio and video recordings with linguistic and ethnographic annotations and descriptions. Nijmegen: The Language Archive.