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Séminaire doctoral - Description et typologie linguistique
Coordonné par C. Chamoreau et E. Palancar
Villejuif - Bât. D. - S. 511  10h00-13h00

Marianne Mithun (Université de Californie à Santa Barbara)
An excursion through Mohawk grammatical structures and speakers’ exploitation of them for shaping the flow of information

Often pointed to as an example of prototypical polysynthesis, Mohawk, an Iroquoian language of Northeastern North American, has continually presented challenges to traditional expectations about basic linguistic structures. Here a number of these are explored through examination of spontaneous connected speech. Issues to be discussed include morphologically versus syntactically defined lexical categories, interactions between morphological and syntactic expression (particularly noun incorporation), the nature of definiteness, plurality versus distributivity, purely pragmatically-based constituent order, the prosodic packaging of ideas, and the development through time of negative constructions, complex sentences, and exclamatives.