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Séminaire doctoral - Description et typologie linguistique
Coordonné par C. Chamoreau et E. Palancar
Villejuif - Bât. D. - S. 511  14h00-17h00

Tatiana Nikitina (LLACAN)
The syntax of oral narrative: Lessons from Wan (Mande)

While traditional descriptions are based in large on elicited data,naturally occurring discourse is often more complex and versatile comparedto what such descriptions suggest. This is especially problematic in thecase of syntactic phenomena that are difficult to study at the clausallevel; for example, information-structure-related phenomena or the choiceof pronouns and deictic markers normally depend on the organization oflarge chunks of discourse and cannot be studied without reference tospontaneous data. In this session we will look at the diversity of meansused by Wan speakers to construct a coherent narrative, focussing onsyntactic phenomena that are rarely mentioned in traditional grammars. Wewill see that the picture emerging from the study of spontaneous discourseis more interesting than and sometimes different from the one we obtainwhen we study the same language through elicitation. We will be looking atan archival recording of elderly speakers of Wan made in 1970; thetraditional narrative style represented in the recording is no longercurrent among the younger generations of speakers.