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Séminaire doctoral - Description et typologie linguistique
Coordonné par C. Chamoreau et E. Palancar
Villejuif - Bât. D. - S. 511  10h00-16h00

Yvonne Treis (LLACAN)
An introduction into Kambaata, a Cushitic language of Ethiopia

This workshop is an exploration of the grammar of Kambaata (Cushitic)through the analysis of a dialogue (recorded in February 2016). After abrief overview of important phonological features (phonemic vowel andconsonant length, gemination, glottalised sonorants), I will first definethe word classes of Kambaata. I will then highlight selected,typologically and areally interesting features in morphology and syntax,for instance, the elaborate case system, the complex demonstrative system,directive verb forms (imperative, jussive, preventive,benedictive/maledictive), categorial hybrids (negative participles, agentadjectives and verbal nouns) that combine properties of two word classes,and subordination strategies in relative, adverbial and complementclauses. At the end, I give a summary of what makes Kambaata a typical (ornot so typical) language of the Ethiopian Linguistic Area.If you are interested in morphology, Kambaata is your language!