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Séminaire doctoral - Théories et données linguistiques
Animé par Anaïd Donabédian et Alexandru Mardale
INALCO - S.3.15 - 14h30-17h30

Nina Sumbatova (Russian State University for the Humanities)
Gender agreement in Dargwa and other East Caucasian languages

Most languages of the East Caucasian family have noun classifications based on gender. As a rule, gender is not marked within the nouns: it is only manifested through gender agreement of the verbs and other words. Gender agreement is in most cases controlled by the absolutive argument of the same clause.
This talk will be mainly devoted to the cases of gender agreement that lie beyond the East Caucasian mainstream: non-standard agreement targets (adverbials, particles, pronouns) and non-typical agreement controllers (ergative or other non-absolutive NPs).
The talk will be based on the data of different East Caucasian languages with special emphasis on Dargwa, one of the biggest languages of the family, well known for its dialectal divergences.