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Séminaire doctoral - Théories et données linguistiques
Animé par A. Donabédian et A. Mardale
INALCO - S.3.11 - 14h30-17h30

Ioanna Sitaridou, (Université de Cambridge,UK)
Romeyka: continuity, contact and change at the north-eastern extremity of the Greek-speaking world

In this talk I discuss the evolution of Pontic Greek within the broader context of Asia Minor Greek. Given the lack of sufficiently old textual evidence, which would normally provide clues as to the evolution of Pontic Greek, the conservative character of Romeyka, an endangered Greek variety still spoken in the area of Black Sea in Turkey, means that it can be used as a “window on the past” thus allowing us to tell a (his)story of continuity, contact and change from Hellenistic times to present day.