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Séminaire doctoral - Théories et données linguistiques
Animé par A. Donabédian et A. Mardale
INALCO - S.3.11 - 14h30-17h30

Okan Kubus (Université de Hambourg)
Relativization Strategies in Turkish Sign Language
(la communication sera donnée en langue des signes avec un interprète)

This paper aims to illustrate relative clause constructions in Turkish Sign Language (TİD). The signers of TİD prefer circumnominal and postnominal strategies, and Nonmanuals (i.e. squint, brow raise or slight-headshake) and occasionally additional relativizers (i.e. clause initial Index sign, clause final Index sign, AYNI ‘same’ or different combinations of them) mark relative clauses in TİD. An empirical investigation of relativization strategies in TİD at discourse level suggests that the usage of nonmanual markers and relativizers does not seem to be fully systematic. I suggest that the nature of relativization in TİD can be better understood at discourse level and that there might be a grammaticalization process in the direction of increasing syntactic marking of relative clauses.