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Séminaire doctoral - Pratiques langagières - terrains, méthodes, théories
Animé par I. Léglise et V. Muni Toke
Villejuif - Bât.D - S.511 - 14h00-18h00

Jacomine Nortier (Utrecht University)
Development and methodology in Youth Languages: practices, identity and multilingualism

In the first part of my presentation I will sketch the background and history of Dutch youth languages (although the term youth languages is not used and accepted by all researchers studying the phenomenon) since the nineteen nineties. Beside linguistic characteristics, matters of ethnicity, identity, language play and polylanguaging or translanguaging will be addressed. In interaction with the audience I hope we will be able to make a comparison between the Dutch and French situations.
Furthermore, I will discuss the pros and cons of collecting data from social media instead of ‘good old’ methods like recording and transcribing real-life conversations. I will argue that the use of Internet data cannot fully replace real-life data but it creates possibilities to study identity work – and play – that have not been possible before. Users of social media have rapidly developed new skills and we, as researchers, will have to follow from a distance in order to understand. By way of illustration: a twenty-five-year-old native French male Internet user can pretend to be a fifteen-year-old Senegalese girl living in the banlieue if he knows the linguistic means and uses the right nickname. Such identity changes are impossible in real-life. What are the consequences of these changes?
Participants are asked, if possible, to bring data from the Internet to support the readings which will be discussed during the seminar: can you find any metalinguistic comments on the use of French youth languages, Verlan, etc.? Or illustrations of topics from the readings? Examples can be found on Facebook, in YouTube comments, just to mention two possibilities.
Lectures préparatoires :
Nortier, J.M. (2017). Online metalinguistic comments and gender roles in Multilingual Youth Speech Styles & Practices among Moroccan girls and women in the Netherlands. Applied Linguistics Review (26 p.).
Nortier, J.M. (2018). Language and Identity Practices among Multilingual Western European Youths. Linguistics and Language Compass