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Séminaire doctoral - Description et typologie linguistique
Coordonné par C. Chamoreau et E. Palancar
Villejuif - Bât. D. - S. 511  10h00-15h00

Aimée Lahaussois (HTL)
Thulung: Jackal and Crow story

In this session of Texts and Grammars, I will present the Thulung (Kiranti, Eastern Nepal) language by means of the analysis of a 3-minute narrative elicited using the Jackal and Crow stimulus (Carroll, Kelly and Gawne 2011). Working through the short text, which is annotated using ElanCorpAfrA, I will focus on two main topics: core argument marking, characterized by a split ergative system; and what have been called predicate derivations (Post 2010), elements occurring within the same verbal slot of compound verbs and variously encoding aspect, Aktionsart, orientation, associated motion (described for Kiranti in Bickel 1996). 

-Bickel, Balthasar (1996) Aspect, Mood and Time in Belhare: studies in the semantics-pragmatics interface of a Himalayan language.  Zürich: ASAS.

-Carroll, Alice, Kelly, Barbara, Gawne,  Lauren (2011) The Jackal and Crow picture task. Designed for use by the Social Cognition and Language Project. A collaboration of The Australian National University, Griffith University, University of Melbourne and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics