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Angiogenesis Analyzer for ImageJ — A comparative morphometric analysis of “Endothelial Tube Formation Assay” and “Fibrin Bead Assay”.

08/02/2021 - A collaboration between the Gly-CRRET microscopy facility, INSERM in Villejuif, the University of Geneva and the NIH in Bethesda has led to the development of an automatic method for analyzing the two dimensional growth of pseudo-capillaries on gel in vitro, as well as in three dimensions onto micro-sphere surfaces. The work published in the journal Nature - Scientific Report describes the capabilities of the « Angionenesis Analyzer » image analysis program developed in the (...)

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Glycosaminoglycan mimetic associated to human mesenchymal stem cell based scaffolds inhibits ectopic bone formation but induce angiogenesis in vivo.

10/04/2013 - Tissue engineering approaches to stimulate bone formation currently combines bioactive scaffolds with osteocompetent human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC). Moreover, osteogenic and angiogenic factors are required to promote (...)

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Multivalent Pseudopeptides Targeting Cell Surface Nucleoproteins Inhibit Cancer Cell Invasion through Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases 3 (TIMP-3) Release

18/01/2013 - Previously, we have demonstrated that the synthetic multivalent pseudopeptides named NucAnts, targeting the surface nucleolin, inhibit angiogenesis and tumor growth (Destouches et al., 2008, PLoS ONE ; Destouches et al., 2011, (...)

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