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Angiogenesis Analyzer for ImageJ — A comparative morphometric analysis of “Endothelial Tube Formation Assay” and “Fibrin Bead Assay”.

08/02/2021 - A collaboration between the Gly-CRRET microscopy facility, INSERM in Villejuif, the University of Geneva and the NIH in Bethesda has led to the development of an automatic method for analyzing the two dimensional growth of pseudo-capillaries on gel in vitro, as well as in three dimensions onto micro-sphere surfaces. The work published in the journal Nature - Scientific Report describes the capabilities of the « Angionenesis Analyzer » image analysis program developed in the (...)

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Antitumor and angiostatic activities of the antimicrobial peptide dermaseptin b2

19/11/2012 - Recently, we have found that the skin secretions of the Amazonian tree frog Phyllomedusa bicolor genus contains molecules with antitumor and angiostatic activities (van Zoggel et al. (2012) Amino Acids 42: 385-395). We identified (...)

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Modulation of inflammation by Cicaderma® ointment accelerates skin wound healing

01/09/2012 - Skin wound healing is a natural and intricate process taking place after injury, involving different sequential phases such as hemostasis, inflammatory, proliferative and remodeling that are associated with complex biochemical (...)

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